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Bostik has a complete range of high performance sealants formulated for ease of use and long lasting performance. Designed for a multitude of sealing applications, these products are engineered to provide outstanding adhesion to all types of materials of fabrication (metals, plastics and glass). From perimeter sealing and roof penetrations to sidewall, lap of butt seams, Botstik has the sealant for trains, buses, truck bodies and trailers, recreational and special purpose vehicles.


Smooth, clean lines can be achieved with Bostik sealants to sustain the styling aesthetics of vehicle interiors. Some of these products feature low odor, non-sag properties, and will not shrink or yellow over time. They can be use in critical applications such as weatherproofing interior sidewall penetrations or for gap filling and seam sealing. They provide superior adhesion to both porous and nonporous surfaces in a wide range of application temperatures.