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Bostik Autoseal Glass Cleaner

Autoseal Glass Cleaner is a cleaning agent and adhesive promoter which chemically etches the glass surface and is used for Bostik Autoseal Fast Bond and Autoseal 130 FC Heavy Body.
Bostik Autoseal 5008 U.V Blackout Primer
An Ultraviolet Blackout Primer must be used on windscreens which are without a suitable ceramic (black) band at the bond area.
Bostik Autoseal 5085 Lacquer Primer Black
When a full method installation is required and old urethane is to be completely removed exposing painted metal, this paint primer is applied to the metal flange.
Bostik Dauber
Bostik Dauber are ideal applicators for Bostik Autoseal 5008 U.V. Blackout Primer and Bostik 5085 Lacquer Primer Black.
Bostik Autoseal Fast Bond / Packs

Autoseal Fast Bond is a single part, solvent free polyurethane based sealant. It requires no mixing or heating before application and when applied, cures very fast.
Bostik Autoseal 130 FC Heavy Body / Packs
Autoseal 130 FC Heavy Body is a single part, moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive/sealant. Requires no mixing or heating before application and when applied, cures at a fast rate.
Bostik 5614 Non Skinning Mastic Sealer, O.E.M Approved
Bostik 5614 Non Skinning Windscreen Sealer is a synthetic compound designed to remain permanently flexible.
Bostik 5615 Skinning Mastic Sealer (Easy Clean)
Bostik 5615 is a synthetic rubber mastic compound, black in colour, which has been specifically formulated to remain permanently flexible in use. It is predominantly used in automotive aftermarket area for secondary sealing of windscreens where a durable, skinning (non running) product is required.
Bostik Thermo Electric Butyl Automotive Glazing Tape Kits
Bostik Thermo Electric Butyl Automotive Glazing Tape Kits are heat activated via a heating wire. These features allow for a clean, leak free windscreen replacement operation in non structural applications.
Bostik Cold Applied Butyl Tapes
Bostik Cold Applied Butyl Tape is a black, synthetic rubber based butyl sealant.
Bostik Butyl Tape Primer
Bostik Butyl Tape Primer is a black high solids Butyl based primer formulated for excellent durability and weathering resistance.