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Simson ISR

The Simson Industrial Special Range consists of elastic adhesives and sealants based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). The products are easy to use and contain no solvents. Furthermore the entire range is free of isocyanates. This combination of properties has made more and more users in the transport sector choose for Simson ISR.

The Simson ISR products are used to bond and seal such items as corner profiles, windscreens, floors, and also to bond sheet material in the automotive, bus, caravan, trailer, train and truck building industry.

Product Review
Simson Product Description Standard Colours
ISR 70-01 Universal sealant White, Grey, Black
ISR 70-02 Construction adhesive for combined joining techniques                White, Grey, Black
ISR 70-03 Universal construction adhesive/sealant                               White, Grey, Black
ISR 70-04 Windscreen adhesive with excellent UV resistance          Black
ISR 70-05 Structural adhesive with high modulus   White, Grey, Black
ISR 70-06 Low viscous adhesive and sealant White, Grey, Black
ISR 70-07 Sprayable sealant/coating            Grey, black
ISR 70-08 Widescreen adhesive with high green strength Black
ISR 70-09 Construction adhesive with high green strength                White