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Flexible Lamination
Non-Woven -> Hygiene

Our range of highly specialised adhesives have applications in all areas of disposable hygiene product manufacture including film to film lamination, elastic attachment, fastening strips and positioning adhesive.

Bostik is the recognised expert is elastic and stretch technology on the cutting edge of industrial practices and innovation. We bring our customers the valuable combination of premium quality products, global industry knowledge and regional market perspective.

We pioneered this technology in the 1960's and are proud to serve the most well-known manufacturers of the sector. This market brings together all the products of the consumer market using nonwoven fabric as the overlay. Products include infant diapers, adult incontinence and feminine sanitary protection products, as well as sterile drapes and disposable clothing.

The majority of adhesives used for hygiene are hot-melt pressure sensitive products.

Tissue and Towel Products
Our adhesives are widely used in the manufacture of tissue and towel products such as wet wipes, bathroom tissue, kitchen towel, and industrial wipes. Bostik technology provides high productivity for conversion plants, while achieving the toughest end-product requirements, in terms of softness, absorbency and strength. Our range includes repulpable products designed to improve the environmental efficiency of paper mills.