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Flexible Lamination

We are "THE INDUSTRY-LEADING RESOURCE to manufacturers of feminine hygiene articles and adult light incontinence pads. Offering quality adhesive products, outstanding knowledge and technical resources AS A TOTAL VALUE".

Bostik: Specialist of the Industrial Adhesive field

Bostik has a great experience in the solution of problems in industrial bonding.

For decades, Bostik has built its leading position in industrial bonding by advising customers of the best solution to their problem and by offering a wide range of products:
•  Hot-Melt pressure sensitive adhesive
•  Polyurethane
•  One or two components polyurethane adhesive
•  Web Adhesives
•  Water Based Adhesives
•  Polyester, Polyamide

The New Generation of Textile Adhesives are the Hot-Melt Polyurethane Adhesives: SUPERGRIP Range

One on hand this technology offers all the classical hot-melt advantages:
•  Ease of application - Fast setting - Excellent adhesion

And on the other hand it offers the performance of a reactive adhesive:
•  Resistance to machine washing at 39°C.
•  Resistance to dry cleaning
•  Sterilisation  resistance (134°C for 35 minutes)
•  Bonding of fluorocarbon treated webs

Bostik: Experience In All Kinds of Adhesives
Hot Melt Pur-Web-Water Based-Water Proofing-Solvents…
Bostik  have a large range of products for Textile Industry:
•  Hot-Melt polyurethane adhesive: SUPERGRIP
•  Water-Based Adhesives: AQUAGRIP
•  Web rang “SHARNET” (polyester-polyamide-PU)
•  Thermoplastic hot melt: THERMOGRIP

Environmental Impact

Our research and development efforts are, of course, driven by the needs of the marketplace. We place great emphasis on proving adhesive technologies through pilot programs that duplicate real world production situations. Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for ways to make products that not only improve our customer’s processes but also achieve a better environment for all of us.

Whatever You Create, We Will Laminate It
These technologies are used to laminate a variety of materials:
•  Plastic films
•  Cotton
•  Polyamide
•  Polyester
•  Non-woven
•  Leather
•  Polyether foam, polyurethane…
Specialist in all kinds of industrial bonding. Our vocation is to offer chemical and technological solutions, which will permit the implement the most efficient production methods.

SUPERGRIP The High Performance Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethane
SUPERGRIP combines the ease of application and fast set time of a hot melt adhesive with strength close to many structural adhesives.
•  100% solids alternative to solvent base adhesive system
•  Moisture curing
•  High speed processing possible
•  High green adhesion
•  Commercial wash resistance
•  Dry cleaning capability
•  Heat Resistance
•  Good softness of hand in fabric laminates
•  Variety of applications methods

Market Application Adhesion System
Sportwear PU, PA, fluorocarbon,
PVC Membrane
Lamination on textiles
Roll Systems Wash resistance 60-90°C.
Dry cleaning resistance
Adhesion on Teflon film
Coating weight: 6 to12 g/m
Fashion Lingerie Lamination of all kinds of textiles (cotton, polymide..) Roll Systems Wash resistance 30-90°C.
Dry clening resistance
Excellent cohesion after sealing
Foam lamination upholstery Flame replacement
Slot die nozzle
Roll System
Heat resistance 120°C
No fogging
Excellent cohesion after 5 minutes.
Medical PVC film limination on cotton
Non woven adhesion on film
Roll Systems Wash resistance
Dry cleaning
Building Various laminations
Film lamination on non woven
Roll Systems Temperature resistance
Hydrophobic properties
UV resistance

Bostik The Chemist Partner for your Textile Creation

The Textile industry is a field in which bonding has disrupted manufacture process. Many applications:

Design and production of waterproof & breathable material i.e. lamination of membrane to fabric. Treated fluorocarbon textile laminates (dedicated special grade)

New technical textiles to meet demanding special.

Fashion Underwear:
Lamination of different textiles, such as:
•  Lycra (Dupont de Nemours)
•  Foam on lace (for bra)

Upholstery & Transportation:
Flamed replacement, which can bond different type of foams to textiles or velvet. Offers the following advantages:
•  Environmentally friendly
•  Better productivity with constant laminate thickness.
•  Use of drawn-thread textiles.

•  Surgical applications
•  Mattress protection (Bonding of PVC film with cotton).

All manufacturing stages of baby’s diapers…

Building Trade:
•  Under roofing protection
•  Geotextile