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Bostik 1465 Duct Sealant
One component, solvent based, fast cure duct and metal sheeting/roofing sealant.
Bostik 5240 Sealing Strip
A soft synthetic rubber based sealing strip that can withstand extreme heat and cold conditions and still retain its sealing, adhesive properties and resilience. It is available in various profiles and is a long term cost effective and simple sealing solution.
Bostik 5612 Butyl Mastic Sealant
One Component non-skinning mastic sealant designed to form a weatherproof dustproof of permanently , soft, pliable and flexible seal between a variety of materials.
Bostik Clear Seal
Bostik Clear Seal is a single component, multi purpose solvent based co-polymer sealant this is paintable. Designed for sealing and adhering a wide range of materials. Ideal for interior and exterior applications. Available in 270gm cartridges.
Bostik Expanda Foam
One component multi-purpose polyurethane foam. Easy to dispense and install through a straw adaptor and will expand to fill gaps of all dimensions in the most difficult locations. seals, fills, insulates and bonds timber, brick, concrete, galvanised steel, aluminium, glass, fibre cement sheet and plasterboard. Available in 340gm and 728g cans with straw adaptor.
Bostik Fill-A-Gap
A general purpose, gunnable one-part water based, paintable acrylic gap filler. This easy to use, economical sealant provides excellent adhesion for gaps and low movement joints.
Bostik Flex E Duct II
One component, water based acrylic, high strength duct and metal sealant.
Bostik Glazing Silicone
One component industrial grade acetone (acetic) cure silicone for sealing and waterproofing all types of windows and frames. A glass and glazing silicone.
Bostik Kitchen & Bathroom Silicone (Acetic Cure)
Provides a permanently flexible waterproof seal. Designed for sealing of joints in wet and damp areas where resistance to the growth of fungus and mould is important. Bonds to ceramics, glass, steel, aluminium, and most plastic and painted surfaces. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas to seal and waterproof around sinks, baths, taps, basins and ceramic tiles.
Bostik Matrix FC
Single component, high performance, fast curing non-sag polyurethane adhesive and sealant formulated to provide a flexible and durable seal.
Bostik Matrix Slow Cure
High performance, one component slow setting polyurethane sealant designed to form a soft elastomeric weatherproof seal. Used for panel assembly and applications where a longer working time is required.
Bostik Roof & Gutter Silicone
General purpose, permanently flexible clear sealant. Suitable for interior/exterior applications. Designed to provide a seal for guttering, aluminium roofing, flashing, down pipes, skylights, plumbing applications and vents. Available in 300ml cartridges, colours: translucent, white, grey, black. One component, solvent based, fast cure duct and metal sheeting/roofing sealant.