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Coatings, Sealers And Accessories -> Coatings

Bostik 1316 Vapour Seal
Heavy bodied bituminous-based adhesive sealer, which features good adhesion to most insulator materials to form a coating and vapour barrier.

Coatings, Sealers And Accessories -> Sealers

Bostik 1128 / 5603 Heat Transfer Sealer
An odourless, non-staning sealing compound. It has heat transfer properties. Conductive sealant in cartridge form.

Coatings, Sealers And Accessories -> Accessories

Air Gun 37cm Barrel type
Air tool, to extrude 600ml sausages.
Air Gun Cartridge Barrel type
Air tool, to extrude 300ml cartridges.
Bostik 37 cm Barrel Gun
Bulk sealant gun, to extrude 600 ml sealant sausages.
Bostik Barrel Pro Gun

Small sausage gun, to extrude 300ml sealant sausages.
Bostik HV Frame Gun
Sealant Cartridge applicator gun, top of range, high volume cartridge gun.
Bostik Jumbo Gun
Large cartridge applicator, to extrude 850ml cartridges.
Bostik Pro Gun
Sealant cartridge applicator gun, model for medium to high user.
Painters Pro Nozzle
Clear plastic nozzle for use with barrel gun.
Bostik Trade Gun
Sealant cartridge applicator gun, model for the occasional user.