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Flexible Lamination
Industrial -> Adhesives

Adhesives -> Contact Adhesives

Anchor-WeldTM 1768
A brush grade synthetic rubber adhesive with dried film is nealy colourless, good chemical and temperature resistance (100°C)
It is suitable for bonding flexible unsupported PVC and many other materials such as fibre glass, ABS, wood, metal, concrete, cardboad, leather and fabric/textile materials.

Anchor-WeldTM2700 series
Premium quality, high solids, sprayable contact adhesive, featuring high heat resistance, early green strength coupled with a good working tack life.
It gives strong adhesion to a wide range of materials including decorative plastic laminates (Formica©, Laminex©), timber and timber composites, many natural and syntheic rubbers, cementitious composites, ferrous and non ferrous metals and polyurethane foam.

Bostik 1830/1831 Adhesive
High performance polystyrene foam contact adhesive synthetic rubber based, excellent green strength adhesive for bonding light weight materials used in the insulation and air conditioning industries.

Bostik 2402 & Bostikure D

A high performance, two component, cold curing solvent based adhesive. It has a wide range of industrial applications and gives good adhesion to most rubber surfaces such as natural, neoprene, butyl, hypalon, polyurethane and nitrile as well as wood, ferrous metals, laminated plastics and rigid PVC.
Bostik 2402 adhesive system has major applications in the rubber lining industry, bonding inflatable products as well as industrial conveyor belting.

Adhesives -> Bookbinding

TEF 38
Flexible hot melt spine glue,  good layflat and suitable for binding art paper.

TEF 39

Solvent & printing oil resistance hot melt spine glue. Translucent in color & high quality finishes.

TEF 40
Low application temperature hot melt spine glue.  Energy saving & less charring.  Good for binding both woodfree / art paper.

TEF 12

Good adhesion on OPP laminates cover & fast setting hot melt side glue.

Adhesives -> Refrigeration & Airconditioning

Bostik 4507
Water based pressure sensitive ddhesive suitable for bonding materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass, nylon, melamine, PVC, ABS, polyester, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, various textiles, paper and wood.

Adhesives -> Building

Bostik No More Nails
Synthetic rubber based adhesive which exhibits excellent green strength, flexibility, good temperature resistance and good slump resistance. General-purpose adhesive for interior or exterior general construction work.
Bostik Wallboard & Flooring Adhesive
Wallboard and Flooring adhesive is a gunnable, synthetic rubber/resin based mastic adhesive, suited for bonding a large variety of flooring and wallboards to various substrates.

Adhesives -> Envelope

Remoistenable Waterbased Front Seal Adhesive -MYBOND 1223B   
Hotmelt Peel & Seal - Bostik 2224E

Adhesives -> Furniture & Woodworking

Wood Working Hotmelt

Plymelt 2020 / 2090 / 2290 / 2290S
Plywood splicing hotmelt range.

Bostik 668A / T7641N / 7621N

Edge banding hotmelt range.

Bostik 607 / 608 / 6044
Profile wrapping hotmelt range.

Waterbase Adhesives

Bostik 4000 / 4600 / 4800
2 component adhesive system, D4 grade adhesive for edge glueing.

Bostik 3080 / 3080L
Single part D3 grade for edge glueing.   

Bostik 2846 / 2842
General purpose finger joint adhesives.

Adhesives -> Hot Melts

VS 138
A general purpose hot melt adhesive designed for carton sealing. It is a fast setting hotmelt with high stability, and good adhesion to a variety of board and paper stock.
TEF 58
A general purpose hot melt adhesive designed for most packaging applications. It is a fast setting adhesive with very good bond, high heat stability. It has wide operating temperature 140oC - 180oC and excellent adhesion to a variety of board and paper stocks.
Bostik 6303 Hotmelt Glue Stick
Multi purpose high adhesion fast setting hotmelt glue stick .    

Bostik 6330 Hotmelt Glue Stick
Multi purpose translucent hotmelt glue stick.

Bostik HG 3 Glue Gun
Blister package general purpose hotmelt glue gun.
TG4 Hot Melt Glue Gun
Heavy duty, trigger action, industrial standard electrically operated applicator gun designed to disperse hot melt glue to bond most materials quickly and effectively.

Adhesives -> Label & Tape Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - H4196,  Bostik 2224E   

Adhesives -> Laminating

BOSTIK 4800 / 4000 / 4500  

Adhesives -> Paper Converting

Carton Sealing & Side Seam Waterbased Adhesives - MYBOND 393 / MYBOND 281E      
Paper Bag Lamination - MYBOND 1808 / MYBOND 1033 / MYBOND 218A / MYBOND 288D
Flute Lamination - Bostik 9001


Adhesives -> Film Adhesives

Bostik Film Adhesives are high-performance, solvent free bonding agents supplied in convenient easy-to-use forms.

Product Types
Acrylic pressure sensitive
Heat activated Nitrite Phenolic Thermoset
Heat activated Polyesters Thermoset, Thermoplastic
Heat activated Urethanes Thermoset, Thermoplastic
Heat activated Expoxies Thermoset

Adhesives -> Web Adhesives

Web adhesives handle like a fabric facilitating both intermittent and continuous processes.

Bostik SPA110 Sharnet Web Adhesives
Sharnet SPA110 Web Adhesive is a hot melt adhesive produced in nonwoven form. This product has excellent resistance to dry cleaning and good resistance to home laundering.
Bostik PA115
Bostik PA115 web adhesive is a hot melt adhesive produced in nonwoven form. The product resists repeated repeated dry cleanings and home launderings.
Bostik PA125
Bostik PA125 web adhesive is a hot melt adhesive produced in nonwoven form. The product resists repeated repeated dry cleanings and home launderings.

Adhesives -> Powder Adhesives

Bostik powder adhesives are used in paste, powder point and scatter processes for producing laminates at high speeds with low energy costs and minimal waste.
Bostik 5109 - Copolyester    
Bostik 5216 - Copolyamide    

Adhesives -> Supergrip

Supergrip 2000 adhesives offer unique combination of hot melt processing and handling with premium performance advantages of a reactive thermosetting adhesive.
Bostik Supergrip 9601 - Opaque    
Bostik Supergrip 9701 - Opaque, White    
Bostik Supergrip 9712 - Clear    
Bostik Supergrip 9725HV - Opaque, White    
Bostik Supergrip 9742 - Clear, Amber    
Bostik Supergrip 9743 - Opaque, Amber    
Bostik Supergrip 9810 - Clear, Yellow