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Flexible Lamination
  Adhesives for Flexible Packaging
Flexible Lamination -> Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

Combining the well known and established technology of Herberts® adhesives in polyurethane and polyester resin, with the highly recognised expertise in TURBO-SEAL® and NIP-WELD® cold-seal adhesives and the exceptional performance of VITEL® copolyester resins. Bostik offers its know-how to the Flexible converting industry with the widest range of products.

Dry bonding lamination adhesives
Solvent free and solvent borne adhesives based on Herberts® technology covering;
- General purpose for salty savory snacks, confectionary, meat and cheese, etc.
- Medium performance for coffee, wet-wipes, etc.
- High performance for sterilisable and retort applications, chemical resistance, hot filling, etc.

Wet bonding lamination adhesives
Water-based product based on casein technology for wet bonding of paper/board to metallised films/Aluminium foil for insulation and medical products.

Various gloss lacquers for printed papers, cardboard, aluminium foil and plastic films.

Heat seal coatings
A combination of technologies including hot-melt based on polymers such as EVA for yougurt wrapping, heat seal lidding on glass under TEE range, solvent borne lacquer for dairy lidding under HSL range and extrutable and soluble VITEL ® copolyester resins for PET films.

Various products for plastics films (PET, OPP, OPA), metallised films and Aluminium foil for PE extrusion.

Cold Seal Adhesives
TURBO-SEAL®, water based coldseal coatings combine natural rubber latex with enhanced performance polymers to seal a variety of flexible food packaging applications. Features of TURBO-SEAL®, include superior adhesion and cohesion to select treated films lower blocking and unwind strengths and better machining. They are pattern applied via gravure and in-register with the printing process. The original use was for heat sensitive food products such as chocolate bars. With the introduction of TURBO-SEAL®, we are now able to supply coldseal products that run for high-speed converting and packaging applications required by the bakery, snack and frozen food markets

We also offer 100% synthetic coldseals for food and medical packaging applications to proactively address the issues associated with natural rubber latex.

VITEL® resin technology
VITEL®, linear saturated copolyester resins are used to bond to a variety of substrates. They are available in amorphous and crystalline varieties which range from low temperature flexibility to high temperature performance. VITEL® resins were originally designed as primers and adhesives for oriented PET films, as nothing else would provide the anchorage performance necessary for the end applications.

VITEL® copolyester resins exhibit excellent adhesion to PET films, metals (aluminium and copper), PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyamide, polyimide and treated polyolefin films. The commercial use of these resins include electronics such as EMI shielding flexible printed circuits (FCCI), flat cable (FFC) and fire retarded adhesives. In flexible packaging, the VITEL® resins can be applied to PET films and foils through a variety of methods including solvent casting, co extrusion or extrusion coating for dual oven able trays. They can also be used as a primer or topcoat for chemically resistant labels.

VITEL® resins have been utilised as primer coatings providing intercoat or ink adhesion. They are also used as link vehicles, providing adhesion to difficult substrates without the incorporation of priming steps.

Bostik VITEL® 2100
Vitel 2100 is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated copolyester resin. It is a hard, resinous material exhibiting high tensile strength and low elongation.
Bostik VITEL® 2200B
Vitel 2200B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated polyester resin. It is a hard resinous amorphous polymer exhibiting high tensile strength an low elongation.
Bostik VITEL® 3200B
Vitel 3200B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated polyester resin. It is a flexible amorphous polymer, slightlytacky at room temperature, with high elongation and moderate tensile strength.
Bostik VITEL® 3300B
Vitel 3300B is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated polyester resin. It is a flexible amorphous polymer, slightly tacky at room temperature, with high elongation and moderate tensile strength values.

Sustainable Development
Our research and developments efforts are, of course, driven by the needs of the marketplace. We place great emphasis on proving adhesives technologies through pilot programs that duplicate real world production situations. Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for ways to make products that not only improve our customers' processes but also achieve a better environment for all of us.

Our Philosophy is to Establish a Partnership with our Customer’s Technical Team

For that purpose, we have representatives with easy reach anywhere in the world. Our technical assistance engineers area always available and are regularly informed and trained in regards to our latest developments.