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Flexible Lamination
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Bostik Super Glue
Powerful fast setting glue. Bonds most surfaces in seconds such as metal, wood, leather, rubber, ceramics and most plastics.
  Bostik Multi Bond
Fast setting all puropse adhesive that sets as a clear and flexible bond. Resistant to weather, oil, petrol, water, weak acids and alkalis. Ideal for bonding leather, metals, woods, canvas, PVC and other plastics.
Bostik Contact Bond
Provides an extra strong water resistant and flexible bond on contact. Ideal for woodwork, leather, felts, cotton back PVC and more
Bostik Epoxy Bond
Fast setting two part epoxy adhesive. Setting time 5 minutes with full set in 12 hours. Bonds most common household materials including glass, porcelain, metal, rigid plastic and wood.
Bostik Titan Bond
Two part adhesive possessing unique properties that allows it to stick and set underwater.

Gives a strong bond for wet and dry sufaces. Works in fresh, chlorinated and salt water.

Remains flexible therefore resists thermal or mechanical shocks. Bonds ABS and PVC rigid plastic, metals, iron, galvanised, aluminium, ceramics, concrete, canvas, leather, glass, fibreglass, wood and plastics (except for polyethylene or co - polymers).
Bostik No More Nails
Synthetic rubber based adhesive which exhibits excellent green strength, flexibility, good temperature resistance and good slump resistance. General-purpose adhesive for interior or exterior general construction work.
Bostik Fill-A-Gap Acrylic Sealant
A general purpose, gunnable one-part water based, paintable acrylic gap filler. This easy to use, economical sealant provides excellent adhesion for gaps and low movement joints.
Bostik Clear Seal
Bostik Clear Seal is a single component, multi purpose solvent based co-polymer sealant this is paintable. Designed for sealing and adhering a wide range of materials. Ideal for interior and exterior applications. Available in 270gm cartridges.
 Bostik Roof & Gutter Silicone
General purpose, permanently flexible clear sealant. Suitable for interior/exterior applications. Designed to provide a seal for guttering, aluminium roofing, flashing, down pipes, skylights, plumbing applications and vents. Available in 300ml cartridges, colours: translucent, white, grey, black.
  Bostik Glue Guns
Lightweight, easy to use, trigger action glue guns for dispensing hot melt glue. "C" Tick accredited so complies with AS/NZ1044 standard. Bonds instantly with no fumes or solvents.
  Bostik Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Use with electric glue gun. Adhesive that bonds instantly with no fumes or solvents. Designed to bond plastics including polystyrene and polyurethane foam products, metals, paper, wood, ceramics, leather and fabric. Ideal for craft, home decor projects, repairs and DIY projects.

Do-It-Yourself -> Home Answers

Acrylic Sealant - B3141

For sealing in the crack of wall, door & window frame.     

Wallpaper Glue - B3141

For repair of wallpaper joint, attach borders, seams, peel off, etc..     

Ceramic Tile Glue - B3161
For the repair & adhesion on indoor ceramic wall tile material. (Indoor use only)     

Carpentry Glue - B3171
Good adhesion on wood products, such as hands craft, furniture, floor, paper, etc..     

Vinyl Floor Tile Glue - B3181
For the repair & adhesion on the vinyl floor tile.     

Labricating Grease - B3191

For the lubrication, waterproof & rustproof in the bearing, machine, car, motorcycle, bicycle door, etc..     

Stationery Glue - B3211

Multiple use, good adhesion on hands art, craft, paper, photo, cloth, wood, etc..     

Wood Flooring Glue - B3231

Good adhesion on wood tile, wood flooring, etc..     

Kitchen & Bath Sealant - B3351
Sealing in the bathtub, faucet, sink, tap, basin, ceramic tile, window, etc..