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Flexible Lamination
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Clag Paste
Non toxic paste that is smooth and easy to apply with brush applicator. Ideal for cut and paste, papier mache, scrapbooks and collage. Dries around 10-20 minutes.
Clag Kids PVA
Non toxic PVA glue that is non-staining and dries clear. Ideal for models, masks and other craft work.
Non-staining and specially developed to easily wash off clothes, hand and upholstery, even when dry.
Clag Hobby Glu
Non toxic PVA craft adhesive that is non-staining and dries clear. Bonds paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, ceramics. Ideal for decoupage and craft projects using a variety of materials.
Clag Cel-Mix
Non Toxic adhesive powder once water added has excellent thickening properties with no lumps and non staining. Ideal for finger painting, thickening PVA and as a sealer for hardboard or clay.
Clag Gum
Non-toxic, easy to apply clear gum that bonds paper and cardboard. Ideal for school projects and paper craft.

Clag Accessories - Pumps & Brushes
Pumps used for dispensing glue. One size fits 1, 2, 5 & 10 litre plastic containers.

Brushes used for general glue work.