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Construction -> Waterproofing

Bostik has the full range of which include liquids, torch on and self adhesive membranes to waterproof all applications from roofs, balconies and planter boxes.

Bostik 1313 Mastic
A heavy bodied, semi stiff trowel application, bitumen based mastic compound.
Bostik 9222 Primer
Based on bitumen modified with rubber and resins to produce a specifically formulated primer for bitumen waterproof membranes.
Bostik Boscoseal 16
A waterproofing membrane, self adhesive, self-sealing layer of rubberized bitumen protected by a film of polyethylene.
Bostik Boscoseal PU
One-part coal tar free moisture curing polyurethane membrane. After curing it provides a tough highly elastomeric, impervious barrier to moisture. Suitable for application by brush, roller or towel.
Bostik Moisture Seal
A two component, high performance, water-based epoxy waterproof vapour barrier membrane to prevent water seepage and permeation for floors, walls, water tanks, reservoirs and/or water retaining structures.
Bostik Torch on spot - Aries Series
Perforated vent sheet    

Bostik Torch on 3mm/4mm - Aries Series
Bitumen sheet for roofs    

Bostik Torch on 4.5g - Aries Series

Bitumen granule sheet for exposed roofs
Bostik Ultraseal
High performance flexible single component trowel/brush or roller applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane specifically designed for wet area applications.
Boscocem Slurry
Boscocem Slurry is a cement-based two-component alkali reactive polymer modified waterproofed coating, with a flexible component for crack bridging.
Boscolastic is a 2-component flexible acrylic polymer cementitious waterproofing bond coat that is mixed on site and resurfaced on concrete and other construction materials to waterproof. Boscolastic has excellent weathering resistance and crack bridging property.
Ultracote AC
Ultracote AC is a liquid applied co-polymer waterproofing coating used strictly as a hidden system. It also provided weathering resistance and crack bridging property.
Ultracote RC2
Ultracote RC 2 is an acrylic, flexible waterproofing emulsion that cures into a tough elastic waterproofing film.