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Industrial -> Adhesive -> Chem-Calk Sealant

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Siding

For Vinyl, Aluminum and Fiber Cement Board

® 900 Polyurethane Sealant is the urethane of choice when choosing a premium urethane for siding installations. It has weather sealing capabilities for wood, select vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement board siding products. Chem-calk 900 possesses superior sealing performance in transitional sealing applications.
Chem-Calk® 915 Smooth Urethane Sealant is a contractor’s grade urethane sealant. Its ability to bond to a number of various building materials make it the prime choice for sealing siding applications where dissimilar materials are used. Its moisture technology greatly reduces shrinkage during cure versus other traditional solvent release caulks. Chem-Calk 915 is available in a full array of colors to complement many building materials.
Chem-Calk® 916 Textured Urethane Sealant is a textured one-component urethane sealant. It’s designed to enhance the textured qualities of adjoining building materials. Chem-Calk 916 has comparative performance qualities to that of Chem-Calk 915. It is particularly effective when remodeling existing structures where a weathered appearance is desired. Furthermore, it does not rely on solvent release properties to cure so shrinkage does not take place, making Chem-Calk 916 a superb transitional sealant.
Chem-Calk® 2000 Ultimate Formula Sealant is the “ultimate” in hybrid technology for high performance sealants. It’s the choice of sealants for exterior applications with various building materials. Chem-Calk 2000 has non-yellowing and non-gassing properties to meet the aesthetic demands of today’s construction materials including vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiber cement board. It can be painted, allowing its use as a transitional seal between dissimilar building materials.

Chem-Calk® 2020 One Component Advanced Urethane Sealant is a one-component, moisture curable advanced urethane sealant that offers superior adhesion to vinyl siding, vinyl trim board, and a variety of dissimilar surfaces. It is suitable for most building materials, including stone, masonry, wood, aluminum and a variety of other metals. Recommended applications include: vinyl siding, vinyl trim board and other engineered woods, other perimeter sealing applications such as window and door. Chem-Calk 2020 has a non-sag consistency suitable for most vertical applications. Its physical properties remained relatively unchanged throughout a wide temperature range, -40°F to 190°F.

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Roofing

For Flasing, Shingles, Steel, Single-Ply, Roof Penetrations and Pitch Pocket

Chem-Calk® 300 Butyl Rubber Sealant is an architectural grade butyl rubber sealant designed for applications where little or no movement occurs. It possesses good water resistance and has solid sealing capabilities to many materials common to the roofing industry including wood, masonry and rubber materials.

® 900 Polyurethane Sealant is a one-component polyurethane sealant that reacts with the atmospheric moisture to cure versus traditional solvent release caulks that can exhibit high shrinkage in roofing applications. It has tenacious sealing characteristics to various metals including aluminum, galvanized, copper and many dissimilar materials such as wood and masonry products.

Chem-Calk® 915 Smooth Urethane Sealant is a contractor’s grade urethane that cures with reaction to atmospheric moisture forming weather tight seals between various building materials. Its low shrinkage and elastomeric qualities maker it the ideal contractor grade sealant for flashing, roof penetrations and termination bar sealing.

Chem-Calk® 916 Textured Urethane Sealant is a textured one-component urethane sealant. It offers the roofer a textured version of the successful Chem-Calk 915. Chem-Calk 916 is the ideal sealant to transition from traditional roofing materials to concrete and/or cementicious materials. Combined with low solvent content and reactive technology, Chem-Calk 916 is the textured sealant of choice where little or no shrinkage is desired.

Bostik® GPSI is a one-component, moisture curing, water-free, gun-grade, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant. GPSI is durable and flexible. GPSI typically does not require priming to achieve a watertight seal on common construction materials such as stone, concrete, masonry, cedar, wood, anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl, fiber cement board, etc. (See Installation Protocol on GPSI data sheet for achieving a proper seal.) GPSI can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It can withstand a wide range of temperature exposure in the range of -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C). GPSI exhibits superior sealing to most typical roofing and flashing materials.
Chem-Calk® Syl-a-Pocket has been formulated from the latest technology in high performance sealants. Its combined high weathering characteristics and flow properties makes Chem-Calk Syl-A-Pocket the ideal pitch pocket sealant. Chem-Calk Syl-A-Pocket is a pourable, one-component, pitch pocket sealant designed to be used as an over-the-pocket filler. It is designed as a dual-purpose sealant for new pitch pockets and for the repair of existing applications.

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Concrete

For Pre-Cast Panels, Tilt-Up, Sidewalks, Expansion & Control Joints and Concrete Decks

For Vertical Applications we recommend the following Non-Sag Formulas:

Chem-Calk® 500 Vertical Application is a two-component, non-sag, polyurethane sealant. It is designed to exhibit dynamic sealing capabilities for general concrete construction such as control and expansion joints. Its bonding capabilities to other building materials make it the sealant of choice where color selection and weather sealing of dissimilar materials is critical. The Uni-Base Color System allows specific color formulating to coordinate with the aesthetic color demands of today. See “Architectural Projects” for details.

® 900 Polyurethane Sealant is an architectural grade non-sag urethane. Once cured, Chem-Calk 900 exhibits superior weathering characteristics and movement capabilities. It exhibits superior adhesion capabilities to concrete and most building materials and has user-friendly gunning properties.

Chem-Calk® 915 Smooth Urethane Sealant is a one-part urethane sealant that continues to be the mainstay of the Chem-Calk line as a general-purpose sealant for concrete applications. Its tenacious bonding capabilities to concrete offer excellent weather sealing functions, whether it’s pre-cast concrete basement walls, panels, or double T construction. This, plus its ability to adhere to common building materials, makes it an ideal solution for sealing concrete wall penetrations.

® 916 Textured Urethane Sealant is a one-component urethane sealant. Its textured appearance makes it the ideal sealant for general-purpose applications with concrete. When tooled after installation, the textured appearance is enhanced, allowing its use as a transitional seal on many other building materials makes Chem-Calk 916 a reliable general-purpose concrete weather sealing sealant.

For Horizontal Applications we recommend the following Pourable Formulas:

Chem-Calk® 950 Polyurethane Sealant is a one-component pourable urethane sealant. Its tear and abrasion resistance characteristics, along with its strong bonding ability to concrete, deliver an ideal sealant. When sealing pedestrian ways, residential driveways, and mall areas – not to mention patios, floors and other similar applications, Chem-Calk 950 is the product of choice.

Chem-Calk® 550 Horizontal Application is a two-component horizontal grade urethane sealant. Its pourable properties make it the ideal two-part sealant for traffic bearing joints. Application areas include parking decks, malls and pedestrian ways. The inherent tear and abrasion resistance characteristics this urethane technology offer years of service as weather sealing sealant. Chem-Calk 550 utilizes the Uni-Base Color System. Custom color formulating comes in quantities of 1.5 gallon increments. No need to stock two bases as the Uni-Base Color System is capable of producing multiple color formulations.

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Interior

For Window and Door Frames, Sheet Rock, Ceiling-to-Wall Joints, Moldings and Dissimilar Materials

Chem-Calk® 600 Acrylic Latex is a gun grade siliconized acrylic latex caulk for interior and limited exterior applications. Its deal where little or no movement is experienced and ease of water cleanup is desired. Its quick skinning property reduces construction site dirt pick up, it has low odor and can be painted once skinned. Chem-Calk 600 conforms to ASTM C-834.

Chem-Calk® 1200 100% Silicone Sealant is a one-component RTV architectural grade silicone sealant. It is primarily formulated to be used on non-porous surfaces. Its inherent superior weathering properties allow it to be used on exterior applications that must withstand the harshest of atmospheric conditions. Chem-Calk 1200 has particularly good adhesion to substrates such as glass, metals, ceramics and most plastics Chem-Calk 1200 is NSF Certified for Standard 51 and is UL Recognized.

® Painters’ Caulk is a painter’s grade interior acrylic latex caulk. Its ease of gunning and water cleanup make it the ideal caulk for the professional painter to seal voids between pipes, wall, bathroom fixtures and many more dissimilar materials. Chem-Calk Painters’ Caulk can be painted with a quality latex or oil-based paint after just 30 minutes.

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Interior/Sub-Floor

For Solid Wood Floor Joists, Stair Treads, Laminated Joist Systems, Furring Strips and Patio Decks

Chem-Calk®  Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is a one-component, polyurethane adhesive specially designed for gluing sub-floor materials to solid wood floor joists and engineered laminated joist systems. It offers high strength, flexibility and extreme durability in both interior and exterior installations. When used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners, it prevents squeaks and helps keep nails securely in place. Recommended for use on site as well as with factory-built modular and mobile homes, this construction grade adhesive can also be used on stair treads, furring strips, patio decks and lap siding. It bonds wet, frozen and treated lumber to most building materials, allowing more installation time in critical climatic conditions. Certified by the Green Builder Program as a low-solvent, low-toxicity adhesive for “Built Green” homes, Chem-Calk Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive conforms to AFG-01 ASTM D3498 and C-557, HUD60-01 and ASTM D3498 specification.

Chem-Calk Sealant -> Architectural Projects

Bostik offers a full line of products that meet Architectural specifications

Uni-Base Color System is Featuring High Performance Chem-Calk 500 and 550. This Uni-base System can be used with all standard two component colors as well as for color coordinating to a full array of the architectural colors used in today’s construction market. The Uni-Base System eliminates the need of using dual-based sealants – with either a colorless base or white base to create darker or lighter colors.

Chem-Calk® 500 Vertical Application is a two-component polyurethane sealant that is durable, flexible and forms a watertight bond with most building materials in any combination. Its no-sag properties make it an excellent choice for sealing joints in pre-cast concrete panels, metal curtain walls, perimeter sailing of door and window frames, plus many other uses. This two-part polyurethane-based sealant mixes readily to a creamy consistency and is designed for easy bulk dispensing. Tough and elastic, it allows for movement of up to 50% of the total joint movement. This sealant and companion curing agent is sold together in a 1.5 gallon kit.

Chem-Calk® 550 Horizontal Application is a two-component horizontal grade urethane sealant. Compliance to applicable performance standards makes it the sealant of choice for the architectural community when a traffic grade urethane sealant is required. Its formulated adhesion properties and performance parameters make it an excellent selection for malls, sidewalks and light vehicular traffic applications. This sealant and companion curing agent are sold together in 1.5 gallon kit.

Chem-Calk® 900 Polyurethane Sealant is a one-component architectural polyurethane sealant. Its high performance formulation is designed to meet the demands of architectural specifications for construction urethanes. Chem-Calk 900 offers superior adhesion to most building substrates and is capable of weather sealing on both commercial and residential structures. Typical applications include expansion and control joints, perimeter sealing, and most any dynamic joint where anticipated movement is within the parameters of Chem-Calk 900.

® 950 Polyurethane Sealant is a single-component horizontal grade polyurethane sealant. Its adhesion ability to many common building materials allows it to be specified for various horizontal sealing projects of dissimilar substrates.

® 200 Ultimate Formula Sealant is a one-component premium grade architectural sealant. It is designed to meet the critical demands where performance AND aesthetics are critical parts of any specified project. Its non-grassing, non-yellowing properties are the “ultimate” of specified one-component sealants. Furthermore, its low VOCs and isocyanate free formulation is conducive to environmentally sensitive areas.